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Payment & Supply


Paydirekt is an online payment system used by German banks and savings banks, and operated by paydirekt GmbH.
If your bank or savings bank participates in this system, you can register for paydirekt at your bank by entering the following data: First name and surname, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, current account details, and access data. Your bank or savings bank will then transmit this data to paydirekt GmbH.
Once you are registered, you can make payments by entering your user name and password. For some transactions, paydirekt will also ask for a TAN in addition to your access data for confirmation. The amounts will be deducted from your current account.
Your account details will remain anonymous for Rabe GmbH.
You can find more information about paydirekt at www.paydirekt.de. This site describes how the bank or savings bank and paydirekt GmbH uses the personal data of subscribers during registration to use paydirekt and during ongoing operation of the service.

giropay is an online payment system offered by parts of the German banking industry that is based on transfers via online banking. It was designed especially for e-commerce requirements. To use giropay, you must have a current account that is enabled for PIN/TAN-based online banking.
Payments are deducted directly from your current account. To make a payment, select giropay as the payment type and list the bank where you have your current account. giropay will transfer you directly to your online banking site. When you log in with your access data, the transfer form will already be completely filled in. You release the payment by entering your TAN. For amounts of €30 or less, no TAN may be required.
You can find out more about giropay at www.giropay.de.

MasterCard, VISA, American Express
Rabe accepts MasterCard, VISA and American Express credit cards as long as they have been issued in the Federal Republic of Germany.
MasterCard or VISA credit card payments are processed using the “MasterCard Secure Code” or “Verified by VISA” security method.
In addition to the credit card number, Rabe GmbH requires the expiry date and the card’s verification number, a three- or four-digit number that can also be found on your credit card.

You need a PayPal account to make payment via PayPal. To register for a PayPal account, you need to enter your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and your credit card or bank account details once. Any future payments via PayPal then require only your PayPal user name and password.
You can find more information about PayPal at www.paypal.de.


For the delivery of our products we work together with UPS as our logistics supplier. The precise terms of delivery can be viewed directly on the following pages: